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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Yes, Its Cold Now

We are finally down to normal and below temps for December. Daytime highs just about 0 farenheit are not bad if the wind stays down. Many layers of clothes help but if I have to work with bare hands, like changing a battery yesterday, it  gets pretty hard to work when I lose the feeling in my fingers. Have to smile a bit at the irony of a space heater that won't start up when it gets really cold. It worked fine a couple of weeks ago when the temp was around the freezing mark.
Cattle seem fine as long as the feeders are full of hay although they start to complain if the water trough is empty, or full of ice.
When I was a little kid out "helping" my dad and whining about the cold he would say just beat your hands together and stomp your feet to get the blood circulating and warm. It never seemed to work for me. 

I have to say its a little less stressful and more satisfying sometimes working out in the cold with animals or machinery compared to fighting this computer trying to install a download I need for another project. Instructions sound so easy but they don't work. Its for a new project (toy). More to come on that.


  1. Too far from the house to put a heating unit in the stock tank?

    1. Not too far but it would not work with my present system. A hydrant that I turn to fill the trough when the look thirsty. if they don't drink it all it freezes solid in a few hours.