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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fifty Years Ago

I think I can almost remember sticking this oil change sticker on the door post of the 52 Mercury. The date scrawled in my own hand writing is July 1967. I guess my dad wanted to give me something to do to keep me busy while he was doing the actual work of changing the motor oil in the car. I see instead of recording the mileage I wrote down the brand and weight of the oil. (BA #30). Chances are the odometer had already quit working by that time anyway.
In other news I've been cutting hay. A little bit earlier than some years but the grass is further advanced and going to seed due to the lack of rain here. Its a short thin crop and in places I can hardly see the swath behind the 9 foot haybine. I covered a lot of ground cutting more area than I normally do but will likely have less hay than other years. 
Canola is blooming but it is short and not looking great. Heat and wind while its blooming will cut the yield down. So far the temps have been moderate. The boys on agriville are already forecasting doom and gloom for this year's crop in most of Sask. On the positive side it is pushing the price of wheat up. Unfortunately I sold all I had left before the last big increase. Still a good price but not as good as today's. 
Still hoping canola will do the same thing. 


  1. Neat memory. Sorry about the canola.

  2. Best of luck on the harvest. Good years and bad years, it's the farmer's life.