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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mercury Snow Drive 2017

I guess this makes it real winter as of November 4, 2017. The 52 Mercury needed a little exercise and the snow was dry enough that it wouldn't stick and make too much mess. Actually it did stick under the fenders and frame and I had to blow the snow off before parking it back under cover. Ran great and heated up just find as I had covered the radiator with a piece of cardboard. Only about 20 degrees so starting was not too difficult. Some drone video would have been great but just a little too much trouble to get it all set up and considering the sun was not at it's best I figured wait for another day.

I put the first hay bale out for the cattle yesterday evening. There is still some old dried grass in the pasture they were feeding on but I could tell they were looking for something better. Its almost 3 weeks earlier than I started feeding them last winter so hopefully I will have enough hay to last the winter.


  1. Me neither Gorges but its inevitable here so I try to have some fun with it once in a while.

  2. I liked the video, what was your top speed? Looked like the car just floated along!

    1. With no working speedometer I would make an educated guess of not over 35 miles per hour. It looks faster than it is.