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Friday, November 24, 2017

Out In The Snow With The John Deere

We don't have a lot of snow yet and days like yesterday are really taking away what we have. Record high temps in parts of Sask. I think it hit near 40 degrees here. Too warm really as I am getting acclimatized to the cold by now and ready for a few months of snow and cold.
Being a warm day I decided to take the new (to me) John Deere out for some work and get the winter diesel mixed into the system. Tried it out picking up a hay bale for the cattle. It worked but without the hay spear on the loader I had to secure the bale in the bucket with a cable winch. The wet snow proved a bit of a challenge driving up the hill with the hay bale but nothing I didn't expect. Cold dry snow is a lot easier to get around on than this wet stuff.
Anyway, the JD passed the test and will be a good back up tractor to handle hay or snow this winter if the old Massey happens to break down.
Had to record some video just because. Take a look if you want to see me and my cattle and machinery at work and at home.

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  1. Whole nother way of doing things then when you ranch were it seldom snows. thanks for the video.