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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lifting The Flatty

Its been a while since I removed an engine from a car/truck so at times it was like re-inventing the wheel. Though I 'd have to say it went pretty well so far. No self inflicted injuries or collateral damage to the vehicle. Got the old flathead V8 out of the 53 Merc and hanging on the hoist so I can clean off some of the past 65 years accumulation of baked on oil and dirt. The little three speed manual transmission does not look very heavy as it hangs supported on the steering rod. I think I can lift it out myself if I have to but no hurry on that. It is either very low or completely empty as no oil came out the back when the drive shaft pulled out.
Some video of the operation here for those that are interested in this sort of stuff.


  1. I admire your skill. The limit of my mechanical knowledge is changing soft plugs, spark plugs and wires, and starters and alternators.

    1. Gorges, I am pretty good at taking things apart. Just hoping I can get it all back together right when the time comes.