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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

And Then It Rained Again

And now its snowing again. Combines safely parked in the shed out of the rain and snow. 1/3 of the crop laying out in the field getting soaked again. I could be shoveling snow before the day is over. October won't likely give us enough sun and heat to ever dry those swaths. Spring harvest? The wildlife will wreak havoc on the swaths. I'll be ok but for many this will be devastating. Things can always be worse but this is a bit depressing.
Oh well, head to the workshop and maybe turn on the furnace and work on the Merc. Or design a snow blower attachment for the combine.


  1. I am a used to be/still want to be toy builder in the 1/64th scale. I was hoping to build some catch wagons for my two New Holland choppers I bought, being at the end of that time of year, and thought "Well, snow will be flying soon (I sort of hope), I should turn my attention to snow blowers for the front of the choppers".

  2. Maybe you should buy some pigs and find some way to get the grain to them.