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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Old Tires and Tools

What more appropriate then using a 40+ year old tire changer to change a cracked and ancient tire on an equally old cultivator. And of course the tire I replaced it with was a somewhat newer and less cracked "recycled tire" off the IH Scout II. Probably close to 40 years old now I think about it.
That Coates tire changer was one my dad bought in the 1970s after it had served many tire changes and years of service in the local Co-op. Prior to that we had a set of tire irons and hammers with whatever other home made levers we could get to change tires here on the farm. Bent rims and damaged tire beads were not uncommon with this method. That tire changer has saved a lot of trips to town over the past 40 some years. I expect it will still be changing tires after I am gone.
I recorded some video of the job for those not familiar with how it works.
That reclaimed farm land  video I  posted a few days earlier did not stir up controversy but the picture of burning cat tails sure did. I guess some view us farmers as destroyers of wildlife habitat and the earth in general. The pic I posted on a scenery page of facebook drew a few of those comments. The ensuing defense by those on the other side of the fence eventually got the picture and thread deleted. The moderators there do not tolerate controversial comments.


  1. I believe that'a called "living history." - lol

    1. I guess I am becoming an antique Gorges. Along with most of the things I work with.:-)