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Monday, October 22, 2018

Finished Harvest and...

Finally finished harvest 2018 yesterday. We finally got "first nations summer" this past week and combines were rolling all over the province for long hours as we took advantage of the lucky break in weather. I really did not think we were going to get this crop after all the miserable cold and snow of late September and October.
The "vintage" machinery held together with only minor glitches and my always reliable "harvest crew" was always right there when help was needed. They are worth a lot more than I pay them.
Now to catch up on the many jobs that I wanted to get done before real winter sets in.
Important stuff like editing video for the Roosty6 youtube channel :-)
This latest one has no harvesting in it but more of the old iron around here that collects dust.


  1. Will the quality be okay on the canola?

    1. Canola should be fine for quality and moisture content. Now if the price would just go back up to where it was in the spring.

  2. Yay! They've finished getting the crop off here, too. Still lots of work to do though, as always. -Kate

    1. For sure busy here cleaning two combines and doing an oil change. Was wondering how harvest was going on Golden Grain Farm so good to know its done too.