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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Reprieve from Winter

Great news, last week's snow has mostly melted and its nearly record high temperatures here the past few days. Time for us to catch up on a few jobs that need doing before winter sets in.
Unfortunately that snow last week contained a lot of water that will only add to our already saturated soil problems. Every slough is full and running over to the next one. Culverts and creeks are running like spring time, something I don't ever recall seeing at this time of year.
The wet conditions add to the problems of moving grain. I had to use the big Magnum tractor and borrow a neighbour's huge nylon tow rope to pull a loaded semi of wheat this evening after it became stuck in a patch of mud and melting snow.
That picture above shows the results of my unsuccessful attempt to pile some of the flax straw. The soil surface is so wet that the blade pushes mud into the piles which is not acceptable. Mud causes the straw to stick and wrap on the tractor wheels. Guess it will have to wait til spring (or freeze up).


  1. Well, Ralph, I reckon it'll dry up when the drought hits. (Just like droughts end when the monsoons start.)

  2. Ralph, If only that was a M670 super! Anyway, I like your vintage tractors. I really hate this time of year wehn you have to do all these wet and mucky type jobs. I think this is the real reason I started planting for people. It puts off the end of the year chores that much further.