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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Its been years since I played Chess and I've forgotten almost everything I knew about it, except for the fact I hated the game. As I recall the term "checkmate" basically meant you were beat no matter which way you turned. The term came to mind today re: my spring planting.
I can't get anywhere it seems. Weather is co-operating and the ground dries up enough that I can apply anhydrous. Unfortunately I am "rationed" to one tank a day since my supplier has major problems with equipment, short of drivers, moon phase, etc. I have literally spent hours sitting in the tractor at a standstill waiting for delivery, or even a phone call to put me out of my misery so I can unhitch and head for home in the tractor. No problem, another 5 mile drive in a big slow tractor at today's cheap diesel fuel prices. Why should that upset me? Watching the neighbours at work planting their crops while I stand still..... I am "only" a couple of weeks behind normal progress.
I don't have the competition's phone number and doubt they would deliver anyway until I went to see them and sign a credit agreement (lose another half day). I am already two weeks behind normal so whats another day?
I could start seeding on the summerfallowed fields but don't have my granular fertilizer in the yard yet and won't for a couple more days. Maybe I should just go ahead and plant without it. I held off ordering fertilizer this wet spring as I didn't know how many acres would even be workable. Didn't want to get stuck with a partial bin of unused fertilizer that is non returnable and does not always store well. Plus, the roads are atrocious in places and heavy trucks might have problems on them.
And speaking of roads, there are at least 60 acres I can't even get to since the road is impassable due to water damage. The field is cut in half by a small creek (impassable) so I can see the land a hundred feet across from me but no way to get to it. The municipality is hard at work repairing the high priority roads and this back road is way down on the list. I tried to do something myself but gave up after nearly getting stuck in the ditch with the old Massey while trying to scoop up some fill dirt with the front end loader.
Today rain showers are in the forecast and I have heard no word from Viterra so say if my NH3 tank is full and ready to go. Maybe I will hitch up to the big field cultivator and try a little pre-work on the fields where the weeds are growing the worst. Better than standing still and frustrating I guess.
I took this shot yesterday driving home in mid afternoon when I should have been working. Wild winds and angry waves on the water.


  1. I feel your pain. I'm planting corn for my neighbors but can't get on our fields. By the time I can the list of potential crops will be low and the potential to make an income will also be low. I liken it to jumping off a bridge and that 30 seconds between when you jump and when you hit is this spring. Or perhaps finding out that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.
    I guess we are all in the same situation. Although, the people I am working for who have really good ground are going to do pretty well this year!

  2. oh the joy of farm life. you wake up each morning to solve the problems that yesterday wrought and go to bed each night with problems to solve the next day. :)

  3. Actually things went a little better today. Spent the morning pre working ground where the weeds are threatening to get out of control. Just as I was finished the phone rang to say they had just filled the nh3 tank. Perfect timing. Got that tank applied, moved back home and finished another half field. The truckers were actually calling me to see if I needed refills. Nice change. I guess the new crop of drivers showed up today. Now if the municipality gets that road patched I can get across tomorrow and finish the other half of the field I started (if it doesn't rain).