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Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13 NH3

Finally getting in a little field work. The ground is actually drying up good in places although there is still a lot of good land under water. Carrying a big tow rope with me as insurance. against getting stuck.
I must have set a record for the longest wait ever for a refill of anhydrous. About 24 hours from the time I requested it. Problems at Viterra so consequently , I only got a couple of hours worth done today. Just one more setback in an already late spring planting season.


  1. Having grown up with a 40HP tractor that pulled two plows or a seven foot disc, the things you guys do amazes me!

  2. And I'm just a small farmer here Gorges. I too started on a 40 hp tractor sitting in the dust and cold. We have it easy now in some ways.

  3. I thought you put on the NH3 when it was colder. Do you lose much if it is warmer?
    Have you ever ridge tilled corn?
    I spent yesterday on a 75hp tractor freezing my bottom off planting corn. Does that count?

  4. We used to apply it in the fall after harvest but with late harvests and wet conditions spring is the only option. Fighting mud, water, and terrible delivery service I am at the limits of my endurance today.