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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Day Break

Woke up to the relaxing sound of rain on the roof. Although I'd really like to be out there finishing the already late planting process, I guess it won't happen today. The setbacks of slow anhydrous deliveries cost me a few days. Combined with having to burn last years flax straw (should have been done last fall)and the fields being too wet to get out there before mid May, its now impossible to catch up the lost time.
Some of the fields were so lumpy and rutted from all the excess moisture required pre-working which costs me more time (and money).
Soil conditions have really improved and dried up. Weed growth is heavy and fast. I know I will need to be spraying before I am even finished seeding.Is it any wonder that spring goes by in a blur for me?
And roads are another big headache. Trips to town are like the Baja 1000 off road endurance race. Really rough  Bouncing through the horrendous sinkholes and swerving around others is no fun when you are in a hurry to get where you are going and back to work. In the 25 years I have  owned and driven My 81 GMC  I have never given it such abuse before. Better off driving in the ditch. Although it is interesing watching the semis swerving around the highway holes when I'm working close enough to the road to watch.
Still, we have no tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and the water levels are dropping so I won't complain too much. The rainy day gives me a chance to catch up on some other long neglected jobs but lets hope its only one day.

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  1. An occasional rainy day is nice. Too many are a different story, of course. We used to use our rainy days to sharpen things, run errands and hang out at the tractor parts counter and shoot the breeze with other rained-in farmers.