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Monday, May 9, 2011

Making a Little Smoke

We had a few inspiring sunny warm days recently that got me out into the field. Not anhydrousing or planting as I would normally be doing at this time of year, but burning last years flax straw. At least it is a start in the right direction on a job that has to be done. Better than sitting and waiting for the ground to dry out.
Actually the field has improved considerably in the past week. The high and dry patches are good but sometimes require quite a detour to get to them around the water and mud areas. Biggest problem right now is the roads are in no shape to carry heavy trucks with fertilizer and seed. Many roads are closed waiting for washed out culverts to be replaced while others are passable but with soft spots just waiting to swallow a heavy truck. My own yard has a few of those plus the quonset has water coming out of the ground. Yes, machinery parked safely indoors is now standing in a few inches of water. Even if I was ready to seed crops I can't hope to get a load of fertilizer hauled in here in these conditions. When will it be ready? I really don't know.
Today with clouds, strong winds and 40 degree temperature it is not looking great. The rain in the forecast might just pass south of me if I'm lucky. Whatever the weather does it still is a pretty sure thing that less than the usual amount of acres will be planted here this year. Still it is not as bad as those that live on low land near the rivers and flooded areas. At least we have hope.


  1. They outlawed "broadcast burning" in West Virginia quite a few years ago. They said too many people got careless.

  2. That might be a good thing Gorges. People get careless in spring and that is the most dangerous time for fires. So much dead material to burn. Some places near cities I think have burning bans but so far we are pretty much free to burn out here. How I wish I didn't have to but until they find a good use, locally, for flax straw, thats the way we deal with the straw.