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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cockshutts at work.

My day so far. This part went fairly well. I'm putting in time catching up on yard jobs while waiting for the fields to dry enough to try and get back to crop spraying. As bad as it is here, I really can't complain much compared to the people to the south of us in  North Dakota where a lot of our water is headed.
The wet conditions here make the country green and old machinery shine. The cloud formations create some amazing sky pictures when the sun finally comes out.
Markets and falling grain prices continue to defy logic as reports keep indicating that there are far fewer acres planted than normal and there won't be any excess grain to trade.
More rain last night has pushed crop spraying back a little more and turned some of the road into a rutted quagmire where only 4 wheel drive vehicles dare to venture.


  1. Cockshutts never were big around here for some reason. Most of the old tractors in this area are Fords, Fergusons, MFs, ACs and Deeres.

  2. You have a bit longer belt than i! You don't have to stretch it so tight to keep it from slipping.