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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Chicken Stuff

On this first day of summer here is a video of some new Bantam chicks at the food dish along with a cat or two. Its interesting how they can eat side by side, those chicks would make an easy meal for the cat but they never try it. No doubt the memory of being attacked by angry mother hens keep the cats resistant to the temptation.
Weekend rains have raised the water table in the south and contributed to .....
More flooding in Sask.
We thought last year was bad but its looking like 2011 is going to be a repeat, maybe worse. Some of the roads are a real adventure to drive now. Hauling grain or any other heavy loads is not an option. Still some people will tell you that we are never more than two weeks away from a drought in Sask. Thats hard to believe now.


  1. You're NOT going to tell me the cat was eating scratch feed; are you?

  2. Gorges it was actually a tasty mixture of whole oats and chopped oats soaked overnight to soften them up. Chickens do well on it and for some reason the cats seem to like it too. I'd imagine it could pass for human consumption too.

  3. Kitty granola? Oatmeal? The chickens did not seem to feel really threatened. I would have expected them to react more to the cat!
    That Roosty fellow is one handsome photographer.

  4. Budde, knowing Roosty6 as well as I do I can say that he has a face best suited for radio.