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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cow Feeding In The Summer Time

I guess most of the cattle videos I have made are in the snow and cold of our Sask. winters. So here is something  a little different shot in  the heat of summer They grow nice and fat on the grass but a little chopped oats is a nice additive and keeps them coming back to the yard every day so I can see how they are all doing. Plus lately I have been trying to entice those four freeloaders in so the corral area so I can get them trucked out of here. They are pretty stand-offish but once they get used to a helping of chop every day I think I can get them where I want them.
In other news, the smoke cleared for a few hours yesterday after a nice 3/4 inch rain but it soon drifted back in the late afternoon. As it is a lot worse up North I will not complain too much about what we have here.


  1. We grained ours a little every week, just to keep them tamed down. Sometimes, we'd use salt, or hay with molasses drizzled on it instead.

    1. Gorges that reminds me, I need to get a new block of salt for them . They have free access to a block of salt year round.

  2. They will chase you for apples. I found out the hard way.