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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good News, Bad News

First the good news. There is a fine crop of hay in some parts of the Hundred Acre Woods. The bad news,,, I broke the haybine within the first hour of cutting. Bounced over a huge subterranean boulder that I must have been cutting over for the past dozen years without previous injuries. Today it put a nasty bend in two guards and broke a couple of sickles. I could have struggled with it and the few rudimentary tools I had with me but opted to take the easy, but long way, and drive the 5 miles home. A workshop full of tools and most of the spare parts I need makes any repair job less stressful. Probably less mosquitos and wood ticks to deal with too.
Nice crop of Saskatoons in places and ready to pick. A little earlier than some years.
Smoke hangs heavy over the "hundred acre woods" for the third day in a row. Forest fires in Northern Sask. are responsible. Some experts claim climate change is responsible for it. Whatever the case, it seems to be keeping our temperatures down which is beneficial to the crops right now. Since we can't seem to get a good rain anymore.


  1. I cut many acres with the 479 haybine. The 1411 discmower cuts to beat heck till it explodes in to expensive pieces. Progress.. Hope it goes better tomorrow. Sometimes I would carry an extra sickle the hollow tube frame.

  2. Excellent idea Budde. If I had a spare knife that is where I would carry it too. For now I am going to store my guard straightener in there to have it handy for next time.

  3. Sounds like Al Gore and his trained polar bears are the cause of those fires! ;-)