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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Heavy Rain

I don't know but I'm calling it four and a half inches. The accurate gauge blew down in the wind yesterday morning  but last night it had re-filled with just about 4 inches in it. Not what I needed at all. The excellent hay crop I cut on the weekend will be as soaked as it can be. I can only hope it dries enough to bale without getting moldy.
I sure didn't need to be pailing water last night at midnight but I was. I had heard the rain beating down on the roof, probably much the same as Noah heard as he was loading the last of the animals on his ark. I figured I better check and sure enough, the sound of water hitting basement floor was the first thing I heard from the basement. The rain was pouring into the cistern from the roof so fast that the overflow pipe could not take it away so it took the next easiest path, in around the hose to the basement. I was dumping a pail a minute into the floor drain there for a while until I got the hose set up from the cistern pump and let it pump out the excess down the floor drain.
On the positive side my basement floor is now a lot cleaner and I have found a lot of junk I think I can throw away now and gain a little more free space in the basement.
Crops will likely be lodging some from the heavy rain and wind which is not a good thing but nothing we can do about that. I have not had time to look. Plus it is still lightly raining and misting with more in the forecast. Seems like we are always either wishing for more rain or wishing it would just stop. At least we missed the tornadoes
This is the view from the Roosty6 Restoration Garage this morning.

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