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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Big Slough

When I was a kid the largest body of water near the yard was known to us as "the big slough" and it was a favourite place to visit and look for frogs, throw rocks in the water and whatever else a kid can dream up to mess about in the mud and water.
Today the big slough is probably twice the size as when I was a kid. Overflowing into the neighbour's field actually and it has water killed most of the trees that used to grow around it. I took this picture of it earlier this week while cutting silverleaf and thistle patches in the pasture. This pasture is one of the few remaining pieces of untouched original prairie wool in the area.
other news, the flax is blooming and looking good although the usual lot of re growth weeds is starting to show up. Typical for flax. The canola is nearly finished blooming except for a few late emerging patches. We have had some good rains lately to help fill out the crop. I took this shot on the driveway about 9 days ago when the bloom was pretty impressive on the canola. Out for a drive in the rusty Merc. Outstanding sky that day and the Gopro camera does a great job of capturing it.


  1. Would that old car make the trip up to Wadena? The Lions put on a car show every year. We could go lunching!

    1. Yes, and no. The Merc might make that drive but not legally. There is a long list of things it does not have starting with no brakes. Right now it is just good for a trip down memory lane on seldom travelled gravel roads. Still, it has come a long way since last October so there is hope.

  2. Just curious - is there going to be anyone in the family to farm the old place when you're too old to continue?