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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Learning To Fly

But I ain't got wings. The title of the old  Tom Petty Tune came to mind today while literally learning to fly the drone. Or U.A.V. as they call it . (un-manned air vehicle). I call it a steep learning curve as I went from knowing almost nothing about it last week to being at least capable of taking off, flying and most important, landing, without incident. (Yet). Its a great new angle for photos and videos. I'll never need to pay for an aerial photo again.
Cold weather was not conducive to flying up til yesterday when we saw a major improvement in temperature. Up in the +20s.  Prior to that my fingers would freeze up and battery temp would drop so low as to cause a warning. Plus getting dizzy from walking in circles trying to calibrate the compass. Lucky that only has to be done once and I got a little help with it finally.  I'm sticking with beginners mode for the time being. It allows a ceiling of 90 feet which is pretty good height for most of the photos I want anyway.
It sounds like a swarm of angry bees and scared the cattle away from their feeders.
No doubt I will find some practical uses for it but so far it is just for fun.
In other news my gas heater had to be shut down as Sask Energy's detector found slight gas leaks on all the threaded fittings. Not enough that I could smell it but enough that the auxiliary wall heater has to be shut down and the fittings repaired. Guess I'm losing my sense of smell?


  1. All the connections under our house were loose a few years ago. I'd plumbed it originally, so I knew they were good at the time, but the plumber who checked them after 30 years or so, said that surges and drops in line pressure tends to loosen some connections after a couple decades or so. I never smelled anything either, but I watched him some and he was able to tighten them much more than he would have been able when I put them in.

    1. These lines only run at 4 ounces pressure but it was enough to cause bubbles in the soap test. Less than 20 years since installation but for some reason the threads leak gas. Maybe been leaking for years.

    2. Don't take chances with gas leaks, especially anything related to CO/Carbon Monoxide, silent killer, no odor, you may get a warning if you are drowsy, head-ache, blue lips, means you're already poisoned. Best to have a CO detector, I've responded to 2 calls in our R.M. I have to call Sask Energy to any alarms, both occasions they've sent people out of their homes until the faulty furnace or water heater is repaired "and" inspected. I have 2 CO detectors in our house.

    3. Its all done. Just waiting on the repair guys.Looks like I called the wrong place. 24 hours and no call back yet. Good thing the furnace still works.