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Sunday, March 5, 2017

2090 Clearing Snow

More of me rambling on about the boring details of my life on  the farm. While multi tasking driving the tractor clearing up a bit of snow. I thought I was shooting some great overhead views with the drone while working but found out later I had not pushed the record button and missed the best shots. I did salvage a little from later segments to at least show some of the great outdoor scenery we had on the first as March came in like a lamb. (Old saying is that if March comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion). Stay tuned.


  1. Wish I still had a tractor. After having one available from birth until age 56 or so, it's hard to function without one.

    1. Gorges, I probably spend as many if not more hours driving tractors as I do road vehicles. Yes, you need at least a lawn tractor there.

  2. lol - I've got that, but it's not big enough to do any SERIOUS work!

  3. Thanks Kate. Very encouraging. But I'll still keep trying to make it even more interesting.