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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Nice Day

So why not move some more snow. And make a video of it. The wild, insane Northwest wind  put up a few hard drifts in places  that needed  to be cleared. The driveway was swept clean down to the sand and gravel.  Since then we have had nothing but strong South East winds. And cold. Today was the first day above freezing  for over a week.
That new  calf turned  out to be a heifer. I've let it and the cow out to join  the herd and they are getting along  good. All 8 of them.


  1. I was chuckling at the 'check the driveway' segment. My mother's cousin was a big farmer in southern Minnesota and had a comparably long driveway but with a short radius 90 degree turn at the midpoint. That's where the northwest wind came across the southern MN prairie and dumped. Most winter trips to visit included a retrieval by tractor.

  2. The smart guys made their driveways on a Northwest by Southeast angle so that the prevailing winds would just sweep them clean.