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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March First and Plans Changed

March came in cool (-10F at sunrise)  but sunny and clear with no wind, a bit of fog and hoar frost.

 Great photo opps but I was busy getting ready to load cattle so I missed some. As it turned out there was a re-scheduling and I had to release the cattle that were slated to load. Hopefully in a few days it will happen. Its unfortunate because I got lucky and had them penned up with no stress or excitement. Its not always that easy. Hope its easy next time too.
I'd had the tractor plugged in ready to go for 36 hours so figured I might as well make some use of it. I cleared away the snow in the high traffic areas of the yard. Probably a waste of time as it supposed to warm up to above freezing by the weekend and maybe a  lot of that snow will just melt.
I thought I was shooting some great action video with the drone while I was moving snow but later found out I didn't. Just a bit of between the scenes video having actually missed what I really intended to shoot. Why can't somebody invent a screen (phone or tablet) that does not just appear black when out in the sunlight? I find them really hard to see and  lot of the time I'm just working by instinct and guess work, unless I can get into a shady spot.

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