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Monday, June 12, 2017

Messing About in Boats

That line from the Wind in The Willows by Kenneth Graeme came to mind yesterday as we were out in a boat. Just a 14 foot but it held six of us comfortably and stable. 4 rowers kept busy for the best part of an hour and we pretty much made the rounds of the "lake".
This lake was formerly farm land that produced crops. But for the past ten years or more a lot of it has been under water due to high rainfall and low evaporation levels.
You can see the same area in this video from September of  1997 when we were harvesting oats.
I think that combine would be over half submerged in that spot if it was parked there now. I could not reach the bottom of the lake with my 7 foot "selfie stick" so it is pretty deep. Not a good place for a guy that can't swim and floats like a rock. Hence the life jackets.


  1. Growing up on a hill farm, we never had any flooding problems. We DID have to watch for erosion, though.

  2. Even good swimmers should wear lifejackets! My sister and I, dog-paddler only and that not for long, get into her paddleboat and she's a swimmer and thinks she doesn't need one. I say But what if a rogue wave comes up and tips the boat and you fall out and hit your head just a certain way and are unconscious and sink before I can get to you? I won't be able to save you! Don't make me live with that. Or what if you have a stroke and fall overboard and sink before I can reach you? Anything can happen.

    Wouldn't I look foolish wearing my lifejacket 24 hours a day on a cruise ship?


    1. I'd be wearing one too Kate. Better to be safe than sorry.