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Friday, June 23, 2017

Need More Global Warming?

Is this the climate change/global warming they are talking about? June 23 and my furnace is running! The temp was down to 62 which is downright uncomfortable for sitting around the house any time. Outdoors we struggled up over the 50 degree mark finally (about 10C for you metric converts) but with the wild wind blowing day and  night that is cold  too. I kept  warm hilling  potatoes  and sawing dead tree limbs part of the day while  wearing coveralls and a  heavy jacket. Not what you expect for June in Sask. I can remember June days when it was literally too hot to work out in  the direct sunlight. I'd try to get  jobs done in the early part of the day before it got too hot. Maybe I need to drive more and produce more CO2?
On the positive side the mosquitoes are not a  problem while this wind blows. Unfortunately it is also too windy to spray crops. Meanwhile the weeds keep growing and the crop gets bigger, more prone  to tire damage during  spraying. Maybe tomorrow.
Saw the first potato bloom yesterday. And the first potato bug today.
Nice straight rows planted by GPS (Goffs Positioning System)


  1. Blooms and bugs - I guess that's life!

  2. P.S. - I hope you get just enough of that global warming to get your work done.