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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spray? No Way!

So far I've had one good crop spraying day this week (yesterday). Other days were threatening rain or too windy. I did work monday evening, when the wind dropped but I had to run right up past sundown to finish the field. The crop was getting so wet even at sundown that the tires were building up mud so hopefully the herbicide will work on the weeds. Same thing next morning when I got out early to empty out the last ten acres worth in the tank. Crop wetter than if it had rained so we will see how that works. The rest of the day was near perfect conditions and I finished the wheat.
Roundup ready canola is more than ready for it's second spraying as soon as conditions permit. The plants are getting so big I will do some damage with the tires just by pulling the sprayer but there is so much volunteer flax coming up that I really need to get it done. Or else it will be a "dual crop" of canola and flax.
I watched this one working in the wind this morning before it got up to ridiculous speeds. They say wind gusts hit over 70 km per hour by mid day.
Hoping for a quiet morning tomorrow.


  1. I've always said, Ralph, that farming is merely a respectable form of gambling. - lol

    1. Its true. Legal, high stakes gambling. And no, the wind did not drop so I'm still waiting on a cold and misty day in Sask. Where is that climate changing global warming I keep hearing about?

  2. As for global warming, I've been watching the record high and low dates on our local weather forecast for the past couple months. Most of the record highs were between 1900 and 1950, whereas most of the lows have been SINCE that time. Hmmmmm! Ya reckon Al Gore might be fibbing to us?