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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

At Long Last, Rain!

Its the first real rain since early August. There is actually water standing in the yard. And its not over yet. It always sounds like a downpour when I'm working in the shed with the metal roof but when I came out and saw the water I realized it was significant. 6 tenths in the gauge so far. Lucky the harvest is almost finished and I didn't swath that bit of wheat yesterday.
Working on a long overdue repair on the Chevy II and its turning into a real #*& job. A simple wheel cylinder replacement on the front wheel but with rusted fittings and lines I'm having to do more disassembly. Might have to resort to hammer and chisel if things get too stubborn. Just a start on the long list of rainy day jobs that never got done all this dry summer.
I took the picture to refresh my memory when (if) I get to putting it back together as I'll never remember where all those parts go.


  1. I'm glad that you're finally getting some rain. I hope you're able to finish your harvest, though, before TOO much rain comes.