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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Harvest 2017

I was going to say that harvest 2017 is complete as of last night (Sept 16) but remembered that I have a few acres of late planted wheat here to swath and combine. Hardly worth the trouble but I guess since I planted it I might as well harvest it.

I had a whole series of "combine cab commentary" on the sd card in the Gopro that ran right through harvest. Unfortunately it seems to have deleted most of them except for the last day of harvest. So you get the economy version of this year's harvest video. I know there were a lot of other videos and photos on the card that now seem to have disappeared. Good thing I can't remember what most of them were or I'd be even more disappointed.

I was unable to get any drone  video of harvest as I was just too busy.

Its been a month since I started swathing and combining crops and was pretty near a not stop run of good dry weather. Like nothing we have ever seen. Harvest began and will finish early this year. It turned out better than expected but then my expectations were low considering the lack of rain all summer.

I was really needing my "flathead fix" not having had a chance to take the old Merc out for a spin. So today after a day of baler repairs and fencing,  I took a sunset drive. A good end to the day.


  1. Good to see you're getting harvest wrapped up, Ralph. I have 80 acres of late wheat left to do, hopefully next day or two. Pretty good year for no rain.

  2. Yes, crops did very well on very little moisture. I'm enjoying not having to worry about harvesting flax this year for the first time in a long time.

  3. I'm glad the weather held for you. No sense raining now, since the growing is over! - lol - It's always aggravating to lose stuff due to the same technology that lets you do it in the first place; it just ain't right! Beautiful shot over the Merc.