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Monday, September 18, 2017

Hauling Oat Straw

Now that harvest is pretty much done I am catching up on other jobs. The cattle have been patiently waiting to get into this oat field since I combined it two weeks ago. I knew the fence had weak spots in it (flat on the ground) so could not let them out. Knowing cows, even if they have good pasture they want to check for weak places in the fence. I spent a good many hours pounding in new pickets and stringing up wire to replace what had sunk into the mud of now dry sloughs. Its not hundred percent how I'd like it but I think it will pass. So I got the bales picked up and left the gates open for them to find their way out to the new field. There is enough green stuff there to keep them fed and happy til snow comes I think.

Later that day I figured since the tractor was hitched up to the bale wagon I might as well continue with the job so I hauled a load (11 bales) of hay home from the hundred acre woods. Beautiful almost hot day for this time in September but it can change overnight to cold.


  1. I played that with the sound off (wife asleep), so don't know if you told, but what will you do with the straw?

    1. If not for feed, then bedding for the cattle shelter. I never know if I will have enough hay for cattle feed so oat straw might help supplement their diet. Along with some oats.