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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Where I've Been

Not on the net much lately as I've spent most of the last 9 days in or around the combine. Time just flies by. It seems I no sooner get into the cab and suddenly its 12 or so hours later and I'm quitting for the day. The acres are getting done and bins are filling up though so its ok.
Crop yields are surprising me as I did not expect much after a summer of almost no rain. Bin space will be adequate. Less fuel being burned since the ground is hard and dry and not trying to suck the combine down into the mud as it has the past 7 years.
The seeming endless run of hot dry weather seems to have come to an end today as it got cold and then light rain this evening. Canola seed was still testing so dry even though the straw coming out the back of the combine was hardly breaking up at all. Normally canola straw disintegrates to a fine dust by the time it runs through the combine. So I had to quit. Hoping for a few good hours of sunshine and wind tomorrow to finish that field. I could have wrapped it up late tonight or early tomorrow morning if the rain had stayed away. Kind of nice to get home before midnight for a change though.
Maybe I'll have time to exercise the "Merc" one of these days. Its been too long.

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  1. Even though it's not a bumper crop, I'm glad it's better than you expected. And no mud is ALWAYS a good thing.