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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Drone Flight on Gopro December 6

The sun was shining out of a clear blue sky on the snow so I figured take a short flight with the drone for some pictures and video. It was only about +8F but as long as I was out of the wind it was not too bad. Thumbs were getting pretty cold by the time I brought the drone down but otherwise everything worked well. The cattle still don't like it. They start heading out soon as they hear the buzz of the propellers.
Like most movies, this took a whole lot longer to edit and upload than it did to shoot. The internet was so slow yesterday evening that after an hour the video was only at 1% uploaded to youtube so I gave up on it. This evening speed was back to normal.


  1. It all looks like too much bother for a non-tech like me, but I enjoy watching YOURS.

    1. The flying is the easy part. Editing the video is what takes time and concentration.

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