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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nice Pair of Mercs

Got the 52 Merc out for a few pictures beside the "new" 53 Merc. Weather forecast indicates colder weather coming in the next couple of days. Maybe snow too so I wanted to get the 53 indoors where working conditions can be a little more conducive to working without heavy mitts on. Above normal temps the past week (just above freezing) made it comfortable working.  I'm pretty enthusiastic about working on these cars but when I start to freeze up I tend to lose a little of that enthusiasm. These cars are so similar that to the average person they appear alike.  After spending almost the past 3 years working on the 52 I can pick out quite a few differences between them. Useless information to most but I'm right into that kind of stuff lately.

The 53 was intended to be a parts car for the 52 but now I'm thinking its too good to start scavenging parts off. So I may need a parts car for the parts car. I guess a fool and his money are soon parted. 


  1. My problem with old classic cars, was never having enough places to keep them under cover.

  2. Hello Ralph
    About 25 years ago I restored a 1950 ford custom with the flathead in it. In those years nobody in Alberta was interested in them and according to the classic part sellers I was one of two in the province doing so. There was piles of NOS parts at the Red Deer Antique auto swap meet and cheap too as nobody wanted them. I worked for a division of Acklands Industrial at the time and they still had lots of NOS aftermarket parts as well. I repainted it in two tone beige and it had 4 1/2 wide whites. I drove it all over Alberta and BC for a few years. I loved the Mercs as they were classier then an ole Ford. Good on ya. Wish I was a neighbor so we could tinker on them together.

    1. Hi Brian. Thats great to hear about the shoebox Ford you restored. Do you still have it?