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Monday, December 18, 2017

Steel Wool and Determination

Continuing the clean up using steel wool and diesel fuel to remove the 60 odd years of lichen, rust and other accumulation on the trunk lid of the 53 Mercury. I'm taking advantage of the unseasonably mild weather as today is supposed to be the last nice day until next March.

Its almost exactly 3 years ago I started working on the 52. It had much worse floor rust than this 53 so I'm fairly confident I can repair this one. Not up to show standards of course but good enough that my feet won't hit the ground when I sit in the drivers seat.


  1. You're just a sucker for punishment; aren't you, Ralph? ;-)

  2. I guess I'm inspired Gorges. I was going to use the term "elbow grease" in reference to what I'm doing but figured nobody would recognize that old term. Its good exercise that helps keep me warm working outside.