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Friday, February 1, 2019

Weather Rant

I'm re-posting this weather rant here. I can't take credit for creating it but thought it was good enough I wanted to save it. Originally it was an audio clip from some unhappy Sask. guy on a CBC radio show a few years ago. The language gets pretty strong for those that aren't used to it but in this context it seems appropriate. This guy tells it like it is about some of our severe winter weather days. To some extent he is right. The weather folks read the forecast off a page and make it sound pretty nice some days. Meanwhile, those of us outdoors can tell a little different story. I can still remember the original audio and the sound of his voice.
please please please,
don't tell us how nice it's gonna be this weekend, because it's going to go up to -1.
please. because it's not gonna be nice.
because the frickin' wind is just gonna HOWL, ok?
every time it warms up, the w-, the hot air rises and the wind just howls.
so it ain't gonna be nice.
and being a person that lives rurally?
i can tell ya that when it's 30 below, ok. celsius.
you can take your mitts off for half an hour and do things outside.
ok. when there's no wind blowing, at 30 below.
but when it is zero or -5 even, ok.
you take your mitts off and your hands freeze instantly.
so i can tell ya ok, this weekend is going to be the physical shits, ok, because the winds going to be howlin, and then it's going to be only -1, so then it's going to melt and cause a bunch of hog slop, so knock off how nice it's going to be, please.
ok, it's just sickening, ok, this province is the ass-hole of the world and it will suck the life out of ya, ok, it will suck the will to live out of ya, ok, cause it's just a piece of crap with wind howlin' every day, and you're not hikin' or bikin or skiin' and you're not doing anything, ok, it's the a-hole of the world. and we pay to live here, we PAY to live here! super high taxes.
so please knock off the nice ok? i got, i get the funny feeling that you guys are just saying that so that people just won't end it, ok, cause then of course we wouldn't be able to pay their taxes to these lechers, right?
you know people go hang themselves in a god damned closet, ok, because this fuckin' place is a piece of shit, ok, so please please please knock off the how nice it's gonna be, because it ain't.
because the wind's gonna be howlin' ok,
thank you...


  1. lol - He sounds a bit perturbed. I remember one summer the "weather kids" on our local TV complaining because it "rained" every weekend. The truth was, we were in the middle of an extended drought, the farmer's crops were dying in the fields, but every weekend, like clockwork, it clouded up and just barely sprinkled. I mean we didn't get enough rain to drown a pissant if it was all put in the same teacup. But those weather kids just couldn't handle the clouds on their days off, apparently.

  2. Yes, good (or bad) weather is truly relative. Depending on what you do, or want to do. But having experienced wind chills in the -40s I can agree there is not much you want to do except get out of it and into a warm place.