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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Clouds Without Rain

As seen in this photo from Sunday evening.........
The Western sky really built up for something but at the end of the day there was not enough rain to measure. Total for the weekend here was maybe a quarter inch which only laid the dust for a few hours. A few miles away it could be different. The ground was still damp from a shower earlier that day so I did not get the old black Ford all dusty driving the long driveway.
We are not suffering yet but if the predicted heat later in the week comes to pass I think the crops will start to go downhill.
I did my part. Washed my truck, hitched onto the hay conditioner and cut a bit of hay. That should bring on the rain.
Took this shot of the convex mirror of the water truck this morning as I was heading to the slough to fill up for the last bit of crop spraying. Had to change a spark plug to get the old truck running on all six. Found a good used plug in the "inventory". This is why I hardly ever throw anything away.

If I don't get that field done within the next few days it might be too late. I could have done it today but other complications with cattle kind of broke up the day....
Clouds and chance of thunder showers tonight. Maybe this time????


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Complications with livestock. That was my life for 35 years.

    1. The worst of it is that my own cattle are not the problem. And it continues. :-(