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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Made It Rain

Yesterday. Just not enough and not in the right place. After hours watching the weather forecasts, wind, chance of rain, etc. I headed out with a tank full of expensive weed herbicide to spray a field of flax 8 miles away. Although a little windier than I liked, it went well right up to the point when big drops of rain started to fall. Not enough to do the crop any good but maybe enough to reduce the efficiency of the herbicide I just sprayed. I stopped and waited for the sun and wind to dry the crop enough that I could finish the field. Just enough rain to prevent the great clouds of dust that had been following me. Yes, it is getting a little dry here since we have not had a significant rain this spring. Some of the folks on agriville. are about ready to give up on the crop.
The irony, as I headed nearly ten miles east to spray out the last 200 gallons of herbicide, the road kept getting darker and wetter. Not a good sign.

By the time I got to the target field, it was bordering on too wet but I finished off the tank as the sun went down anyway.

Time will tell if it worked on the weeds. It is not a good idea to leave mixed herbicide in the tank for too long.
Heading home I could see the road getting drier and eventually there was dust behind the tractor wheels. Sure enough, my garden sits as dry and dusty as the sahara desert. Looks like the rain missed me (literally) by a mile. .


  1. How happy I am each time I see the name of your blog rise to the very top of my blogroll, Ralph!

  2. Thanks Kate. It is encouraging to hear that somebody actually reads this stuff.

    1. Many more read than actually comment, I have learned. You'd be surprised! I have been, anyway.