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Friday, June 26, 2015

From Mud To Dust

Today , had a good heavy shower about 3:30 which was welcome . 3 maybe 4 tenths which will buy our crops a little time. 8 miles West it looks like there was hardly any measureable rain. We sure needed it as the temp hit 90 before noon with a dry south wind blowing. Great for drying the hay I cut a few days ago but I missed the chance to bale it this afternoon before the sudden thunder shower came up. . Not complaining, we needed the rain more. Part of my garden is well soaked as I forgot and left the sprinkler running all last night.
Stressful morning rounding up cattle but a great relief to see most of the illegal aliens leave the yard in a trailer. Only 4 left that I could not trap in the enclosure this morning but hopefully they will be back tomorrow or the next day so I can get the last of them trucked out as well. I should have enough pasture for my 8 head, but not 21 extra of the neighbour's that broke in here on Monday. Those yearlings can sure eat. And jump 2 wire fences with a single leap.
Got to make time to  haul home the new flax buncher I got at the auction sale this week. (New to me but it is far from a new machine). Hopefully it will make raking up flax straw a lot more easy and efficient after harvest. Providing we grow any this dry summer.
Cutting hay in comfort yesterday while it was sweltering hot outside.
Blue flax buncher.

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