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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Back In The Oat Field 2016

Part 4 of harvest 2016. Got a few more acres done between rains. Managed to  keep working til 3:00 am without getting lost, falling asleep or driving over anything I shouldn't. Then it rained. After that it dried up for a few more days before the next rain, and the cycle continues. Currently sitting here at near 3 inches of rain with it likely turning to snow by morning.  I guess the flax will stand through it. And if I'm being optimistic, I might even harvest it this fall before real winter sets in.


  1. When we grew oats back in the 70's, it was just for filler in hog feed. What are they using it for now a days?

    1. Its still feed for livestock. Price is poor right now but they have been a pretty good option in crop rotation when the price was better.