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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thanks A Lot Cargill

You have increased our "carbon footprint" (if you buy the whole carbon myth) considerably and unnecessarily. That load of oats you rejected and sent back to us yesterday was only 1.2 points above dry and could not find some way to blend it in to a train load of oats?
So the oats got a 75 mile ride and are back in the yard for now. 50 plus miles on my truck moving grain vac, auger and people back and forth between farms. 20 miles on the tractor (at 15 mph) plus whatever fuel it burned running the vac and auger.
I know my time is not worth much but wear and tear on machinery plus fuel used costs money. And the grain is already too cheap.
This grain is contracted and as much as I'd like to, we can't just walk away from the deal once your name is signed on the dotted line.
Anyway, not a total loss as I got the long slow drive on the tractor with plenty of time to enjoy the scenic cloudy, damp skies and drizzle. Canola swaths lying in the fields along the way. Moisture levels bouncing back and forth from tough to damp to off the scale.
Harvest month 4 begins next week. When will it end?


  1. You have my sympathy. Was he looking for a bribe? Incredible!

    1. The small farmer has no bargaining power. We have a choice. Take it or leave it. It is the sad reality.

    2. Did their moisture tester differ from yours? Can you use fans to dry it on the truck or does it have to be moved from bin to bin till it drys? It is only a point off, seems like they could have discounted it a little and blended it in.

    3. No need to dry the grain as they will accept it in a few weeks (they say). My issue is the unnecessary extra handling and trucking. It could have been avoided if they had been specific on the grain having to be that dry.

    4. Yes that is quite annoying. No need to drive that distance to be off by one point