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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last Day of Harvest 16

September 30 was my last day of harvest 2016. Not finished but everything except flax which was not ready at the time. A couple of days later it started raining, then snowing, and its been all downhill ever since. I heard a figure quoted today that there remains 4 million acres of canola that farmers have not been able to harvest in Western Canada. That is a lot of money left in the field.
There is still some hope that at least some of that crop will get harvested this fall. Not likely dry though.
My flax maybe stands a better chance as it is still standing. Or at least most of it was last time I drove by. That may have changed though since the last six inches of wet snow.
With daytime "highs" in the 30s it is a slow process waiting for the snow to melt into the mud. Every day gets a little bit shorter, the sun a little less powerful this time of year.
This was a nice day when I shot this video of the last canola field.

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