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Saturday, May 3, 2014

2 Auctions In 4 Days

I haven't been to that many farm auctions in two years but this week I made up for it. Came home nearly empty handed from both. Well there were a couple of items that I will try to explain later. For now I need to get busy at some real work before it rains/snows again. Freezing right now.
A bit of video from the latest farm auction. Enjoy the typical sights and sounds of a farm estate auction in Sask. in April.


  1. That was fun, and I saves a lot of money on the Chevy & the IH engine!

  2. I enjoy auctions, but they would bore my wife to tears.

  3. Farm auctions always draw a good crowd here. Plenty of good food, meet a few people you know, bargains and items of interest. Its a good day out. I've been to a few in 40 some years.