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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Showers, May Flowers, whatever

The old saying of April showers bringing spring flowers is of course true. Even though some of our showers were snow the first crocus flowers are showing in the few acres of undisturbed prairie sod on my land.

Those showers sure left the fields wet though. That and the 15 inches of rain in thirty days that I got last summer all add up to an almost impassable field. As I found out yesterday trying to do some fence checking and repair with the trike. It was impossible to get to some parts of the field without driving through water. That and the weight of the fencing trailer brought me to a stop . Some time later, leaving deep, water filled ruts behind me I continued on my way. Trikes going to need a wash.
It is an unusual spring with colder than normal temperatures. Slow drying and no field work done at all. Some years I have been close to finished planting by this date (May 7).
The next picture shows the wierd clothing combination required for this weather. The wide brim hat to protect my pale anglo saxon skin from sun burning and the heavy coveralls to protect me from the cold wind.

With all the water around this spring maybe I should be getting out the fishing rod like the lazy farmer was recently.


  1. Ralph, maybe you should take up hydroponics.

  2. The wildflowers are in bloom here as well. Lots of Camus this year. I have the urge to eat some. It would be a good addition to a little bacon grease.