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Monday, May 5, 2014

Winter Project Complete

At least I hope it is done . I think I have set a record for the longest elapsed time to replace a head gasket on a Massey Super 90 Perkins diesel engine. I drove it into the shed late last October with half the cylinders mis-firing through a burnt head gasket. It was a learning process and there were a good many times I wanted to drag it outside and put a for sale sign "as is" on it. Many days were just too cold to work in the un heated shed and the ever increasing cost of heating oil made me reluctant to start the furnace. Had my doubts if it would ever run again but in late April the Perkins cranked over and surged into life, smooth as a brand new tractor. History tells me that these engines have a weakness for burning head gaskets so I guess I was lucky to get nearly 20 years use out of it before it failed. If it last another 20, well maybe it won't matter to me.

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  1. If you have to rebuild it in another twenty years, I bet you start that heater! lol