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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1919 Letter to Alf Goff

A letter written to Alf Goff in Saskatchewan by his sister, Sarah Ann Bishop in Dorset England.
                                         Higher Clenston
                                         Blandford, Dorset

July 11, 1919

My Dear Brother
Just a few lines hoping it will find you all well as thank God we
are all fairly well here but nearly roasted with the hot weather.
We want some rain very bad again now. The only thing that look well
in the garden now is the spuds. We have not dug up any yet as we
have not any early ones. It has been such dry weather for much to
grow here this year.
We are glad the war is over but everyone thinks this will be a harder
winter this year.
Glad to say that Alice is getting on but it is slow work. We had her
here for a fortnight. Would have stayed longer only the people Irene
was living with gave up their shop so Irene had to leave and couldn't
live at home alone and Alice won't want her til she can walk about on
one crutch. I hope Kuster will be able to come back for Alice's sake
and take that boy in hand. He is a worry and he was much worse after
Alice came here. Lot said he wouldn't mind Alice staying all the summer
but he couldn't put up with that boy for after Alice came he would sit
at the table and rest his knees on the edge of the table at meal times.
Catch and hold my little chickens with one leg up above his head.
My dear brother will you please get this order changed and give the
money to Kate. The one pound is what was left of her money and I owe
her on the sewing machine but when you write back don't say anything
about Kate's money as I am sending it unknown to Lot. I have saved it
out of my egg money. Should like to know if you get this letter alright.
I suppose you got Kate's parcel by this time. I got the order a fortnight
ago but we have been busy.
Allie got a daughter, all doing well.
Remember me to all.
Your loving sister, S Bishop
Alf Goff in chair beside Kate with daughters Ivy and Grace. 

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