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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1941 Letter from Alice to Kate

                                                                            Nov. 20, 1941
                                                                             1 West Row
                                                                             Wimborne, Dorset
My Dear Kate and All

Just to thank you for your lovely present. It is very kind of you all but don't
worry. We are getting plenty to eat . True sometimes I would like a bit of something
 different,  little more bacon or cheese. I never eat much meat but thank God we get
The poor people in the occupied countries, my heart aches for them. I wish I was forty
years younger. I would have gone in for something.
We are looking forward to seeing Tom's boy, Leslie. Sallie is very anxious to see him.
She is very ill. I doubt if she will see Xmas. Or she may linger on for months but I
don't think she will ever get the use of her leg again. I think it was a stroke. The
right side. She does not make much improvement but she is 77 or 78. I don't know if
Lottie has written. She does not get much time or rest.
Will write more next time. Am sending a few lines to others, This is the last day for
Xmas mail to Canada. Hope you get the papers from Daily Mail.
Love to all, hope all are well.
Your loving sister, Alice Kuster.
Kate Hobetzeder feeding the chickens and turkeys in the 1930s.

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