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Thursday, January 29, 2015

1941 Letter To Kate

                                                                                                     No. 2 Memorial Cottages
                                                                                                      Tolpuddle near Dorchester
                                                                                                      October 6, 1941
Dear Sister and all
Just a few lines while I am able to write. I am geting a bit stronger now but it is very slow work when you are old and weak. I was very sorry to read of your falling from the car. You were lucky not get any broken bones. I had only been out of bed two days when I fell down and broke my arm and hurt my wrist. The doctor said I must be tough.
I am so glad you have two girls that think so much of you and I hope they will stay with you as long as you are alive. Once they marry the man comes first.
Before coming here we went to Wynford Eagle twice and seen Harry Goff. He said that Hannah was a widow. Hubby left her with an iron monger's shop and has the daughter and husband to live with her and carry on the shop and they turned her out of it. Charles who was a cowboy or roughrider is dead. You will think my letter is all bad news this time. We have not seen your Leslie yet. I hope all will be well with him.
Allie's boy came to see me. He is tall. I hope Tom will be able to keep Sandy home. It was he who was going to look after Alf. I suppose he forgets that now. Lottie and F been to see Allie yesterday and said they well. Allie went to Wimborne last Thursday. All well. Linda is to be married it is planned on the 18th of October. If all is well will be living with his father. The mother is dead. They've been here once.
Will write again soon. Tell the boys to be sure and come to see me. Must close now as my hand is aching.
Your loving sister         S. Bishop
P.S. Jack, Annie, and Charlotte are gone.

Kate and Karl Hobetzeder

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