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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Look At The Merc

I took this photo of the 52 Merc's interior this evening. Yes, those are rust holes in the floor but aside from that, and the trashed seat and headliner, it is not too bad. I was in there taking a few pics of things for another Mercury collector in the U.S. Its always interesting to compare the differences between U.S. and Canadian built vehicles.
I have not yet tried to start the engine but if this weather gets much milder I might just be inspired to try it. With a 6 volt tractor battery, most of the valves operating, and a temporary plastic fuel tank rigged up there is really no reason why it should not run but ...
Over the years I have had a repetitive dream of driving this car and I guess the only way to stop it is to make it happen. Not saying its going to become a valuable custom collector car or even a road worthy daily driver at this point. Just need to hear that old flathead run and move under it's own power. Old four door sedans are never going to be worth as much as the cost of restoring them.
Here is a photo showing how the dash looked when new on a typical 52 Merc. It had a real space age/aircraft type look to the controls.


  1. Yeah, they may cost more to fix than they're worth, but they've got CLASS!

  2. It doesn't look all that bad, really. Mom and Dad's '55 Ford Fairlane has been sitting in a covered carport since the 80's but I haven't looked inside for a while.....hope it's not too bad. I remember riding in the back and it seemed really roomy at 6 years old. Probably wouldn't now. That old Y-block 272 had a really nice rumble, too.

  3. I went down memory lane and forgot to ask what the contraption over the steering column with the two vertical levers was. Heater controls?

  4. Orin, you are right on the heater controls. Very unique dash and control arrangement on the Mercs and some Meteors. Better get your 55 Fairlane running before it deteriorates as far as this one has.

  5. Your old car doesn't have to be perfect to have a good time driving it. While the Merc might be a little far gone to take on a road trip it would be fun to drive around the farm.
    Likewise the Fairlane would be cool to cruise downtown Belfountain. A coat of wax and an afternoon with the shop vac.