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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What A Difference A Week Makes

Just in case the past few blog posts of family history and boring old letters is getting to be too much for some, here is a bit of an update on life on the farm.
When I shot this video last week it was in the -20F range with raging winds blowing the snow around. The wind chill factor was way up there  and I really appreciated my oasis of trees here that sheltered me, most of the time, from the worst of it while riding the open Massey tractor carrying a hay bale. The cattle were, as usual, appreciative :-)
This week the above normal temperatures are a real improvement. Time to get out and catch up on some of the jobs I had put off due to the extreme cold. Like putting 150 bushels of oats through the antique IH hammer mill. It gives me and the antique Cockshutt 50 tractor a good hour and a half of exercise, not including the preparation time. This is the only work that tractor does nowadays and considering how much oil goes through it I guess it is enough. I thought it had improved but after working a while I noticed the snow under the engine had a black spot where oil was dripping. I checked the bolts on the timing gear cover where the leak seems to originate and was able to tighten one a few turns. It improved but did not eliminate the leak.


  1. Today it started pouring down rain. I discovered I had left the lid off my bin of peas for pig feed. Nothing like a good cold shower to end the day...

  2. Bad luck Budde. Hopefully you can use it up before it spoils.

  3. Maybe leaking oil serves as an additional coolant (as long as you keep replacing it as needed).