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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Letter For Kate

This letter was written to Kate Hobetzeder in 1940 from her sister Alice in Dorset, U.K.
1 West Row Wimborne
June 24, 1940

My Dear sister and all

I was so glad to hear from you. It worried me as I had written 2 letters
to you and one to Alf and I thought it funny if you had not had one of them.
 I went to Tolpuddle just a week after Charles went away. He is not interned
but he had to clear out of Dorset . He is working as far as I know.I heard
from him last Saturday week and there was a registered letter for me today
but I was not here so I shall get it tomorrow morning.
I stayed at Sallie's nearly 3 weeks, came back last Thursday and went to
Eric's for the weekend. I am afraid Sallie does not seem to get any stronger.
She can't get across the room without a stick. . She has scarcely any strength
in her legs or her body. It is pitiful to see her. If only she would make up
her mind to come with me for a few weeks it might do her good. But she keeps
on saying she wants to get stronger on her legs first. I feel sometimes if
she waits for that she will never come. I often listen to hear is she is
still breathing when I am sleeping with her. Lottie said that her father lost
the use of his legs just the same way. Sometimes when I looked at her and
thought of the trouble and turmoil of the world I have thought it would be
a happy release for her. Don't think me unkind for saying this but she is so
utterly helpless and one never knows what is going to happen.
I don't know yet if Leslie (Warren) will have to go. Not before December when
he will be 20. Eric is 29. He registered last Saturday. Reg is in the observation
post. Irene is alright. So is everybody here. I never hear from Nell so I don't
know if her boys are called up. I have not seen Allie lately but everything is
alright. Lottie went there twice when I was with Sallie.
Linda and Eunice are both earning their own living and I think Allie is alright.
We had a lively night last night from 12 until 3:00 am. Also last Wednesday.
I'm glad you've got the wireless as you get some of the news quicker. Will send
you a few papers soon.
Love to all from loving sister Alice.

Sarah Ann (Sallie) Bishop and her sister Alice Kuster at the Martyr's Memorial Cottages at Tolpuddle.