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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alf's Birthday

January 19, 1938
                                                                                                   1 West Row
                                                                                                   Wimborne, Dorset

My Dear Alf
I must send you a line to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I am sorry it is only a card
but just to let you know that I think of you if I don't often write. Kate must wonder why
I have not written. I have had to have a rest. Poor Sallie had a bad attack of bronchitis
just before Xmas and the first of January Billy Warren was taken to Dorchester Hospital at
4:00 pm and died Sunday morning at 6:00. Meningitis. There is no cure for that and if they
do get over it, it goes to the brain. So they are better off when they pass along.
Allie was hysterical. The Doctor said she was not to be left there so they took her to Tolpuddle
and Irene had some of the children. They are all back to their home now.
Poor Lot has been very shaky and feeble this past year but he went to Allie's home with Lottie
and Frank. It was too much for him. Lottie said in her letter her father had a slight stroke but
was much better. Sallie told me when I was there last that he had one before so he must have had
the second one.
Lot is so helpless, poor Sallie never seems to get five minutes peace.
I heard from George a few days after Christmas.
I am afraid I have just missed the mail. I must write to Kate and George and send some papers. I
may go to see Sallie in a week or so.
How are you keeping? And Tom, Mary and family?. I hope they are all well. I must now say cheerio
with much love. I remain your loving sister.
Alice Kuster
A Happy New Year to all.
Not very bright so far.

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  1. Old age can be a bad time for some folks. I've always asked the Lord to let me live until I die, in other words, no half-dying and then lying around for 10 years.